Jacket: Acne Studios Velocite Jacket | Tee: T by Alexander Wang | Pants: Marissa Webb Binta Leather Pants | Shoes: Acne Studios Jensen Boots

It’s been snowing the past few days here in Ohio and the temperature has significantly dropped from the 60* weather we’d been having. I hate the cold, but it has given me an excuse to wear this amazing jacket. Not to mention these ridiculously warm leather pants. Wearing all black is my favorite way to put an outfit together. Mostly because of its simplicity and that all black usually looks chic.

Stay Warm…unless you are one of those bloggers that Live in Australia wear it’s nice and warm…. 😦  haha. jk.


2 thoughts on “VELOCITE

    1. Hi there,

      So I will say that the jacket runs small. I actually sold mine last year. I should have went up a size. Also – the jacket didn’t keep me warm at all.

      Such a chic coat, but I figured it would be warm for the price and it wasn’t at all. I had to wear multiple layers to keep warm when wearing it and I only live in Ohio so it doesn’t get super cold here.

      Don’t get me wrong, The coat is lovely and so chic, but I would think about what you want it for before investing.

      Much love!


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